American Journal of Health Promotion January/February 2014

American Journal of Health Promotion January/February 2014

American Journal of Health Promotion, January/February 2014 Special Issue

The January/February 2014 (Vol. 28, Issue sp3) special issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion is devoted to Active Living Research.

This issue highlights papers selected from abstracts submitted for presentation at Active Living Research's tenth annual conference in February 2013. The theme of the 2013 annual conference was Achieving Change Across Sectors; Integrating Research, Policy and Practice.

Below you can find all articles contained in the 2014 Volume 28, Issue sp3 special issue.

Guest Editorial

  • The Active Living Research 2013 Conference: Achieving Change Across Sectors: Integrating Research, Policy, and Practice
    CD Economos, JF Sallis, NR Keith, & J Newkirk
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Research Articles - Community Design

  • Evaluating the Implementation and Active Living Impacts of a State Government Planning Policy Designed to Create Walkable Neighborhoods in Perth, Western Australia
    P Hooper, B Giles-Corti, & M Knuiman
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Research Articles - Parks and Recreation

  • The Potential for Pocket Parks to Increase Physical Activity
    DA Cohen, T Marsh, S Williamson, B Han, K Pitkin Derose, D Golinelli, & TL McKenzie
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  • Childcare Outdoor Renovation as a Built Environment Health Promotion Strategy: Evaluating the Preventing Obesity by Design Intervention
    NG Cosco, RC Moore, & WR Smith
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Research Articles - Policy Process

  • Support for Physical Activity Policies and Perceptions of Work and Neighborhood Environments: Variance by BMI and Activity Status at the County and Individual Levels
    J Gustat, K O'Malley, T Hu, RG Tabak, K Valentine Goins, C Valko, J Litt, & A Eyler
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  • Uses of Research Evidence in the State Legislative Process to Promote Active Environments in Minnesota
    HA Kite, SE Gollust, RA Callanan, SR Weisman, SJ Benning, & MS Nanney
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Research Articles - Schools

  • Socioeconomic Disparities in Elementary School Practices and Children's Physical Activity During School
    JA Carlson, AM Mignano, GJ Norman, TL McKenzie, J Kerr, EM Arredondo, H Madanat, KL Cain, JP Elder, BE Saelens, & JF Sallis
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  • Impact of the Boston Active School Day Policy to Promote Physical Activity Among Children
    AL Cradock, JL Barrett, J Carter, A McHugh, J Sproul, ET Russo, P Dao-Tran, & SL Gortmaker
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  • Prioritizing School Intramural and Interscholastic Programs Based on Observed Physical Activity
    JN Bocarro, MA Kanters, MB Edwards, JM Casper, & TL McKenzie
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  • School Reform: The Role of Physical Education Policy in Physical Activity of Elementary School Children in Alabama's Black Belt Region
    LE Robinson, DD Wadsworth, EK Webster, & DR Bassett Jr
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Research Articles - Transportation

  • Demographic, Physical Activity, and Route Characteristics Related to School Transportation: An Exploratory Study
    C Lee & L Li
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  • Multistate Evaluation of Safe Routes to School Programs
    O Stewart, A Vernez Moudon, & C Claybrooke
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Practice Briefs and Commentaries

  • Partnerships for Parks and Physical Activity
    BD Shulaker, JW Isacoff, DA Cohen, T Marsh, M Wier, & R Bhatia
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  • Integrating Research, Legal Technical Assistance, and Advocacy to Inform Shared use Legislation in Mississippi
    JO Spengler, NR Frost, & KK Bryant
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  • Designing and Implementing a Regional Active Transportation Monitoring Program Through a County-MPO-University Collaboration
    S Ryan, DE Sidelinger, S Saitowitz, D Browner, S Vance, & L McDermid
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  • Academic-Practice Partnerships for Active Living: The Healthy Hawaii Initiative
    JE Maddock
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  • Taking Physical Activity to the Streets: The Popularity of Ciclovia and Open Streets Initiatives in the United States
    JA Hipp, AA Eyler, SG Zieff, & MA Samuelson
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  • Transforming Out-of-School Time Environments: The Y's Commitment to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards
    M Hobbs Vinluan & J Hofman
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  • Activating Places for Physical Activity: When "Honey Go Outside and Play" Isn't Enough
    MJ Randolph & RK Benjamin
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  • Model Communities: A Vital Strategy to Implementing Policy and Environmental Change for Active Living and Addressing Health Equity in Suburban Cook County, Illinois
    GL Massuda Barnett, RD Dombrowski, CR Welter, M Mason, MV Geraci, KA Gilmet, MC Fagen, & DA Kapadia
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    LEARN more about the 2013 Translating Research to Policy Award Winners.

  • Revolution/Evolution of Active Living Research: Perspectives From Interdisciplinary Grantees
    C Lee, CS Barroso, & PJ Troped
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