Environment & Behavior January 2016

Environment & Behavior January 2016

Environment & Behavior, January 2016 Special Issue

The January 2016 (Vol. 48, No. 1) issue of Environment & Behavior is devoted to Active Living Research.

This issue highlights papers selected from abstracts submitted for presentation at Active Living Research's 12th annual conference in February 2015. The theme of the 2015 annual conference was The Science of Policy Implementation.

Below you can find all articles contained in the 2016, Volume 48 special issue.

Guest Editorial

  • The Active Living Research 2015 Conference: The Science of Policy Implementation
    DA Rodriguez, MAF Lounsbery, & JF Sallis
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  • Comparing Associations Between the Built Environment and Walking in Rural Small Towns and a Large Metropolitan Area
    OT Stewart, AV Moudon, BE Saelens, C Lee, B Kang, & MP Doescher
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  • An International Perspective on the Nexus of Physical Activity Research and Policy
    M Pratt, D Salvo, N Cavill, B Giles-Corti, P McCue, RS Reis, A Jáuregui, & C Foster
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  • Destinations That Older Adults Experience Within Their GPS Activity Spaces: Relation to Objectively Measured Physical Activity
    JA Hirsch, M Winters, MC Ashe, PJ Clarke, & HA McKay
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  • Community Readiness for Childhood Obesity Prevention: Findings From a Statewide Assessment in Georgia
    E Sheldon, R Lyn, L Bracci, & MA Phillips
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  • The Role of Health-Related Community Investing As a Strategy to Promote Active Living
    S Aytur, T Marquis, P Bors, J Katz, & R Bell
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Transportation & Land Use

  • More Active Living–Oriented County and Municipal Zoning Is Associated With Increased Adult Leisure Time Physical Activity—United States, 2011
    JF Chriqui, LM Nicholson, E Thrun, J Leider, & SJ Slater
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  • Which Worksite Supports for Healthy Weight Do Employees Use?
    RG Tabak, JA Hipp, CM Marx, L Yang, & RC Brownson
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  • Disentangling Associations of Neighborhood Street Scale Elements With Physical Activity in Mexican School Children
    RE Lee, EG Soltero, A Jáuregui, SK Mama, S Barquera, E Jauregui, J Lopez y Taylor, L Ortiz-Hernández, & L Lévesque
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Schools & After School

  • Adolescent Physical Activity: Role of School Support, Role Models, and Social Participation in Racial and Income Disparities
    SH Babey, J Wolstein, & AL Diamant
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  • A Contextual Look at Safe Routes to School Implementation in Texas
    H Atteberry, D Dowdy, A Oluyomi, D Nichols, MG Ory, & DM Hoelscher
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  • Effects of Funding Allocation for Safe Routes to School Programs on Active Commuting to School and Related Behavioral, Knowledge, and Psychosocial Outcomes: Results From the Texas Childhood Obesity Prevention Policy Evaluation (T-COPPE) Study
    D Hoelscher, M Ory, D Dowdy, J Miao, H Atteberry, D Nichols, A Evans, T Menendez, C Lee, & S Wang
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Parks & Recreation

  • The Paradox of Parks in Low-Income Areas: Park Use and Perceived Threats
    DA Cohen, B Han, KP Derose, S Williamson, T Marsh, L Raaen, & TL McKenzie
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  • If You Build It Will They Come? Does Involving Community Groups in Playground Renovations Affect Park Utilization and Physical Activity?
    S Slater, O Pugach, W Lin, & A Bontu
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  • Advancing Translation and Dissemination Research and Practice Through the Physical Activity Policy Research Network Plus
    KM Pollack, TL Schmid, AL Wilson, & E Schulman
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